Gratis Recruitment identified a significant gap when it comes to skills and knowledge required to work in Aged/Disability Services. This applies to newly trained and/or experienced workers. We identified there were job seekers with the qualification that required additional assistance in relation to their skills, to successfully gain employment in this area; workers who displayed empathy, advocacy, professionalism and a genuine understanding to facilitate the person-centred care approach.

To address these barriers, we embarked on a series of pre-employment programs we call “Bridging the Gap”. Each program designed for our sectors. Because of this unique program, we have successfully secured work for over 712 workers nationally. We believe that this New Mindset in Aged & Disability Care Recruitment will ultimately provide new and improved results for the organisations we represent.


Bridging the Gap

Did you know we can offer Bridging the Gap to anyone that works in Aged or Disability care?


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Bridging the Gap in Aged Care is a 3-day pre-employment program that has been designed specifically to get new & existing workers ready for the Aged care workforce. Originally developed around the Aged Care Standards, it has been modified to address the new DRAFT Standards.  During the course, job seekers take part in role-playing exercises, role-playing and multiple short written assessments.

Practical training such as assisting with meals, hand washing, and how to effectively participate in a handover is also conducted.

Observation of students by experienced qualified trainers is crucial during the 3 days to assess all candidates. Observing communication skills, including listening skills, body language and the ability to work as a team during the 3 days is paramount.

A final questionnaire that summarizes the 3 days training is completed on the final day.

For people with a disability, changes have been made on how support is received through services, offering more choice and far greater control than ever before.

Bridging the Gap in Disability has been designed to address the National Disability Insurance Scheme that represents a major reform of disability services in Australia. The emphasis on disability providers is to ensure workers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work in disability services outside of the certificate. An independent survey * was conducted which found that Graduates that had completed their Certificate III in Disability’ the results were quite disturbing. They found that 24% could only perform some duties and only 10% interprets and follows individualised care plans with 17% to assist in all personal care. Gratis BTG in Disability 2-day program addresses these skill shortages and helps to resolve the gaps in knowledge.

*Skills for All Independent Validation Industry Report.


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Bridging the Gap in Community is an extension of our already successful program Bridging the Gap in Aged Care.  With the introduction of CDC, a model of service delivery designed to give more choice and flexibility to consumers, the demand for community support workers across the industry has grown by 50%.  There are generally 4 types of services the consumer can access

  1. Domestic Support
  2. Personal Care
  3. Social Support
  4. Transport

Items 2-4 generally require workers to hold a qualification in aged care, leaving item 1, the Domestic Worker an area of need.  The Gratis pre-employment program is an introduction for candidates wanting to work in the community as domestic workers. It also upskills experienced workers.

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